Taking Aim at the App

As a fellow boat owner, I am passionate about service. Over 30 years ago I launched the first 24/7 waterborne mechanical service in the UK. Since then we’ve grown into a successful service, dispatching mechanics to service your boat in under an hour, no matter what time of day!

When I say I am passionate about service, I mean good service.I may be old-fashioned but when I spend my hard-earned money, I want to receive timely, attentive, and reliable service. It doesn’t make any difference if you are buying a car, a pair of shoes, or trying to find someone to fix your laptop.

Like bad manners – there is no excuse for bad service.

Who among us thinks it is acceptable to be on hold for hours, told that “your call is very important to us” while irritating music and meaningless soundbites keep us hopeful for a helpful human being on the other line until…the line drops?

Are you happy with that? What about calls that go to voicemail, or even worse in my opinion – calls that go around in ever-decreasing circles as you inexorably select different number options never to be released from talking to a machine – and you are just so desperate for a real person to get on the line and actually help you. Or online requests for help that go unanswered? Voicemails that are never returned? We all have been there.

This is the exact reason that I founded Boat Fix.

We are looking after your boat when you’re on it AND when you’re not. Proactive maintenance through remote monitoring and tracking – coupled with experienced Boat Fix advisors and mechanics on standby 24/7 – will respond to your call or text and help you solve whatever problem you are having to ensure that your boating experience is the best it can possibly be. Even better, the phone is always answered immediately, every time, by a friendly, courteous, real live person ready to help you.

Boating for most of us is a leisure activity and this is why 90% of the calls for assistance that Boat Fix receives come in on the weekends and holidays. I expect the good folks at Boat US and Sea Tow experience the same.

In over 32 years of trying to provide the boat owner with the customer service they want, need, and deserve, I’ve seen the customer shortchanged time and again, and my mandate is to change that and continue to offer a solution.

There is a huge disconnect in customer service support in the boating community as a whole.
If you and your family have an issue on your boat on Sunday morning, who is around to help? Probably not the local service guy. He needs a break from a crushing work schedule with a 4 to 6-week backlog on routine service work.

Good service to me means being able to speak with someone immediately and get help. Every time. 24/7/365. Great service is proactive. We get ahead of the problem and call you before your boating trip is ruined

At Boat Fix, we pride ourselves, and demand of ourselves, that we provide only great service to our customers. So take advantage of that, and let us ensure that your experience on your boat is all you hoped for.

Toby Kilner is the Head Technician for Boat Fix with over 30 years of 24/7 experience of diagnosing and fixing mechanical problems at sea.

Over 60% of Boat Fix alarms are from low battery voltage.

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