Free Boat Fix Device

For all Scuttlebutt® Members

For all Scuttlebutt members

Boatfix’s device and app monitors the essential functions of your boat every 60 seconds — 24/7. Batteries, bilges, shore power, and unauthorized use.

When something goes wrong or the boat is not where it should be, you receive an alert. And you can call our 24/7 mechanics directly from your app.

Rest assured — your boat is in good hands 100% of the time. Always.

Get Your Free*
Boat Fix Device

*normally $199

Boatfix device

Scuttlebutt® is partnering with Boat Fix to offer all Scuttlebutt members an exclusive opportunity to get a FREE Boat Fix device with the purchase of a One Year Boat Protection Service Membership ($240 for the first year).


Systems Monitoring


GPS Tracking


Call Center Support


Mechanical Support Helpline

Protect Your Boat 24/7

  • Monitor your boat’s critical systems, whether you are on it, or not
  • Track your boat’s location, travel history, speed and engine use
  • Get alerts if anything goes wrong
  • Call us 24/7 to get answers to questions, and live mechanical phone support

Perfect for Boat Owners

  • Year-round boat protection
  • Easy-to-install (see instructions)
  • App that tracks systems and location 24/7
  • Incredible value
phone screen with boat fix app

What our customers are saying about Boat Fix


“Boat Fix is the ultimate peace of mind. They are thorough, convenient and knowledgeable. It makes boat maintenance much less stressful knowing someone is watching over what’s happening when I’m away from the boat.”

Shannon P

What our customers are saying
about Boat Fix

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