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  • Battery voltage on 1 battery. 12V is standard, but can monitor from 6v to 48v
  • Bilge pump.  Multiple bilge pumps can be monitored by the same device
  • Shore power. Alarm sent if disconnected unintentionally
  • Engine hours and distance traveled recorded


  • GPS location. Can be viewed in satellite, street or map.
  • Anti-theft Geo Fence with 100 yard radius. Alarms sent when entering, leaving or both.
  • Distance run in nautical miles
  • Playback and historical tracking by calendar day (data stored up to 7 years)


  • Works globally using roaming 4G technology
  • Will work on any boat, any age, any size
  • The engine is not monitored other than engine hours
  • Live SIM card included
  • Minimal drain on battery. 30mA maximum
  • Device includes internal GPS antenna and cellular antenna.
  • No additional sensors or accessories required.
  • Internal rechargeable battery with 12 hour back up
  • Alarms can be turned on/off on the app
  • Alarms independently monitored 24/7 by Boat Fix Control Center
  • Connects to the  Boat Fix Control Center for  24/7 customer service and technical support
  • Text directly from the app to reach a Boat Fix advisor
  • Free Boat Fix Pro monitoring and tracking app included. All alarms copied to the app.
  • Simple DIY installation. Device automatically activates when connected to power.
  • Less than half the size of a cellular phone and weighs less than 2oz.
  • Lifetime Boat Fix warranty on all activated devices
  • Device includes unlimited Boat Fix 24/7 customer support for all alarms
  • Peace of mind while away from your boat. Help when you need it when on the boat.


Yes. The device requires anywhere from 2 to 4 wires to be connected. The red and black wires are wired directly to the permanent power of the battery (preferably the battery that powers the automatic bilge pump), the white wire is connected to the positive of the bilge pump and the green wire is connected to the positive of the onboard battery charger. This should take you between 15 minutes to 40 minutes to install.

Are there installation instructions? Yes, installation instructions can be found at
The device uses cellular and GPS signals.  It works off of any 4G cell phone tower in the world.  However, positioning the device behind thick metal/carbon fiber will impede the signal.
The device draws 5mA while resting and an additional 25mA while reporting for a maximum total of 30mA.
Yes. The device will work on any vessel with a battery. MAKE SURE TO INSTALL IN A DRY PLACE. The device is water resistant, not water proof.
Boat Fix requires no other sensors or accessories.
Boat Fix offers live 24/7 monitoring of battery, bilge pump, distance run, engine hours, geo-fence violations, and shore power disconnection. You will receive immediate notifications in the case of issues with any of those items. All information is available in real-time on the Boat Fix app. Boat Fix also has a 24-hour control center and technical support service in the event you have mechanical issues on your boat.
Yes, the device can be connected to monitor multiple bilge pumps. If available, we recommend wiring the device to the bilge warning light on the dashboard/console.
The device can be installed professionally by any service center or mobile technician. Contact your local boat dealer and mechanic and they will be able to give a quote for this service.
The device monitors engine hours, but not any other engine functions.
The device is hardwired to the battery, bilge and onboard battery charger.
No other sensors or accessories are required.
The flashing lights mean the device has been successfully connected to power.
Yes, the device will work off any 4G cell tower in the world.
Yes, the device requires a subscription. The monthly charge for the monitoring service is $19.99 per month.
The device should be installed in a dry hidden place. Boat Fix device is water resistant NOT water proof.
Quite the opposite. Regardless of whether you have alarm notifications on or off, Boat Fix monitors 24/7 365 days a year.
A geo fence is an invisible fence that can help guard against unauthorized use/theft. If a boat violates the geo fence the boat owner is immediately notified. The local authorities are NOT notified unless it has been determined a crime has taken place. Most geo fence breaches are user error (forgot to turn it off). Geo fences can also be used for no go or outer limits.
A 100 yard radius geo fence can be turned on/off from the app. More detailed and multiple geo fences can be created on the web portal.

Depending on the closest cell phone tower, most devices will work up to 20 miles offshore.  It is dependent on the reach of the cell signal over the horizon.

Yes, even while out of range, the Boat Fix device will continue to gather data. Once you are back in range, the data is downloaded to your app.
Yes, Boat Fix can be transferred. Please notify a Boat Fix rep of the change of boat. There is no charge for this service.
Some marine insurers are giving discounts for GPS/Alarm monitoring systems installed on boats. Please call your insurer and have that conversation.
I If the activated Boat Fix device stops working and cannot be restarted, Boat Fix will send a new device at no cost to the client.
Yes. We charge monthly. IMPORTANT: If you cancel, your device will be shut off. You cannot turn the device back on, you will need to purchase a new device to resume service.
Go to either Google or Apple app stores and download the Boat Fix Pro app. Use the login and password you previously set up to login. IMPORTANT: Make sure it is the Boat Fix Pro app (solid blue icon with Boat Fix written in the middle).
On the Boat Fix device, it is on a white label. IMPORTANT: The white label is meant to be facing skyward for GPS and cell signal purposes, please make sure you have put it back correctly.
Boat Fix can be fitted on to any boat, any age, any size. As long as the boat has power (battery) the device will function. Boat Fix can be fitted on 6v to 48v battery systems.
Contact Boat Fix, one of the Boat Fix advisors will help make the changes to your account.
Yes. Once you have your account set up, you can share your password with family. There is no limit to the number of people that can be logged in at one time. This can give family the peace of mind if you are going offshore, or you are letting a friend/family member use the boat.
The Boat Fix device comes equipped with a live SIM card. There are no other required purchases other than for monthly monitoring services.
No. Boat Fix is water resistant, not waterproof. The device can get splashed but avoid any immersion. Mount in a place that will remain dry (e.g. under the center console or helm station or battery box).
Yes, the app is offered in both app stores and will work on both systems.
Boat Fix will never share any information with any third party unless required to do so under the law.
No. Your Boat Fix device’s IMEI number only works with your device and therefore will not cause any interference.
Boat Fix does not currently offer off season suspension of its service as we are responsible for monthly data and SIM charges.

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