Around 98% of the time - your boat is left unattended. Not anymore.

 Boat Fix monitors the essential functions of your boat every 60 seconds Р24/7. Batteries, bilges, shore power, and theft.
All alarms are immediately triggered and dealt with by our 24/7 Boat Fix Advisers.
Rest assured – your boat is in good hands 100% of the time. Always.

Boat Fix tracks your boat for security and peace of mind.

Boat Fix will track your boat 24/7 to within a few yards. All tracking is in real time, but is also recorded and stored. It automatically provides and records an exact log of every trip that you can review and play back on your app any time. Set the Boat Fix geo fence feature on the app and your boat is secure. The moment the boat moves outside of the geo fence radius an alert is sent to the Boat Fix Advisors and is immediately tracked and appropriate responders notified.

Unauthorized use of your boat?
Dragging anchor at night?
Broken mooring line?
No problem. Boat Fix has you covered.

Even More Security

The Boat Fix geo fence and
gps tracking system works
equally well onshore for
boats kept on a trailer

The stress and responsibility
of monitoring and tracking
your boat is undertaken by
the Boat Fix Advisor – not you.

The BoatFix App

The free Boat Fix app allows you to set alarms and geo fences as well as GPS track your boat in real time and with historical playback.
Full control at your fingertips – wherever you are – including a speed dial connection to the 24/7 Boat Fix team.

Let BoatFix handle the stress. You enjoy your boat.

What our customers are saying
about Boat Fix

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