Do you know that for a surprisingly low cost,
telematics can revolutionize the way you run your business?


The Hardware

The Monitoring and Tracking Software

The 24/7 Customer Service


The Boat Fix Advisor Team leads the industry in customer support. They will leverage your brand and customer experience to a new level. That’s just good business.  The only 24/7 customer service and mechanical support line in the industry — to support you and protect your customers.

Watch the video to see how telematics makes you a winner.

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We work in many different vertical sectors – below are some of the ways we can help your business:

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BoatFix gives your brand:
Unique 24/7 after sales and customer support.
A ready to go app that can be white labeled to your brand.
Full training, easy set up and minimal administration.
Over 30 years’ experience of 24/7 support to boat owners.
Improved customer loyalty linked to a ROI.
Around the clock dealership support.
Big data to drive your business forward.
Customized automated reports with data analysis.
Upgrades your production to a smart boat.


Do you know where your fleet Is? We do!
The most cost efficient fleet tracking & monitoring system for boat rental.
Will work on any boat, any size, any age from jet skis upwards.
Pin point tracking every 60 seconds – with all data stored for two years.
Easy to use playback function up to sixty days.
• Multiple, customized geo fence capability.
Remote monitoring ensuring predictive and pro active maintenance.
Monitoring available with the Boat Fix app or by web portal on your desktop .
Big data to drive your business forward, customized automated reports with data analysis.
Upgrades your fleet to a smart fleet.
• No quibble life time warranty on the device.

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How would you like to radically improve your customer service
without costing you a dime?

BoatFix 24/7 connected B boat support can transform
your business at zero cost to the dealer!

Upgrades your operation to a 24/7/365 facility
Saves time and money on non revenue calls
Provides unparalleled customer service and after sales support
Dealer monitoring including service interval reminders
ZERO financial cost to the dealer
Recurring subscription revenue
Automated reports with data analysis assistance


Now you don’t have to worry about the statistics – BoatFix provides
  White label, customizable IoT solution
  Reliable telematics device with lifetime warranty
  4G tracking from any cell tower worldwide
  Loss reduction through predictive 24/7 monitoring
  Improved claims handling through digital reporting
  Customized automated reports
  Data analysis support with 24/7 customer support globally

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