Boat Fix Protect Mode: What You Need to Know

Safety and Security at your Fingertips

With one easy tap of the button on your Boat Fix app, you can engage “Protect Mode.” This allows you to create a 100-foot geofence around the boat’s current location – your home dock, your marina slip, or your trailer. When your boat moves outside the geo fence you’ve set, our smart system will immediately send you an alert. Geo fence breaches will notify you of unauthorized use, theft – or in the case of another Boat Fix subscriber, a dragging anchor:

After enjoying some family time off the Connecticut coast, Jack left his boat anchored, yet unattended. While Jack was ashore miles away, blissfully unaware of any problem, the boat’s anchor started to lose its hold and drag along the bottom of the seabed. The boat moved outside of the 100ft geo fence and immediately, Jack received a geofence breach notice and the Boat Fix Team sprang into action. While Boat Fix tracked his vessel, it was discovered that the boat was now moving dangerously close towards the rocky shoreline. The local Harbor Master was called and the boat was towed safely back to a secure harbor mooring – thus avoiding a total loss for Jack.

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