A Note from Boat Fix Founder Alistair Crawford

Alistair CrawfordAs a lifelong boat owner in the UK, I was frustrated that dealerships and service centers were closed on weekends and holidays – the exact same time my family and I enjoyed our boat. It was out of this necessity and my own frustration that Boat Fix was born. For 30 plus years we’ve understood why 24/7 mechanical and customer support is so vital to boaters.

With the pandemic creating additional shortages in parts and labor, many service centers and mechanics are running into four to six week backlogs.

Let our 24/7 mechanical assistance helpline provide immediate support at the touch of a button on the Boat Fix app.

With the vast majority of incoming calls for mechanical assistance coming in on the weekends and holidays, Boat Fix has become a game-changer.

No voicemails, no internet searches for available resources, no endless wait times with annoying elevator music, no dial 3 for this or 7 for that…within moments you’ll have a courteous and experienced technician at your disposal.

We all know that owning a boat is an expense, but family time is priceless. Commit your weekends to fun, not frustration.

Standing by,


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